07 May


Hi, Good evening.

I’m here to introducing my (another) new blog. I just install it in my 5$/month vps at digital ocean. I’m not type of person who likes to speak loud or write many articles. I only speak when necessary and write when i have mood to write.

This blog supposed to be my playground. I’ll post many tutorial and properly written articles (eventhough it just ) in near future. I’ll also like to try different themes and plugins to optimize this blog.

This blog is divided by many categories (eventhough i don’t know if this will works) based on my daily live. Works is for works, Hobby is for hobby, linux is for linux article that become my hobby and so on.

Attracting readers is not the main purpose of this blog. Rather, i just wanna expressing myself so i don’t really care of the stats. But if you find this blog useful, don’t hesitate to share it.


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